Request for proposals for CMED 2024

Conference on Management, Executive and Professional Development Programs, November 19-21, 2024 

The Advisory Board will be meeting in mid-April to plan the 2024 conference. If you would like to present a session, recommend a keynote, or propose a new idea, please complete this form no later than April 7th, 2024. You will receive acknowledgement of proposal receipt within two business days. If not, please send your questions to or call 763-656-3527
Except for Keynotes, all presenters must be full time university employees working in the executive, continuing education and/or professional development area.
Please keep in mind that all presenters (except keynotes) are expected to pay the conference fee and are not reimbursed for any expenses. Only keynote presenters  are reimbursed for coach-class airfare (if they do not reside locally), taxi from and to the airport, up to two nights at the hotel and can attend the conference at no fee.

Please complete this session proposal form:

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