47th Annual Conference on Management & Executive Development (CMED)

Online Learning Community

Collaborate and Network with Your Peers

ProEd’s Collaborative Learning Community adopted an online environment in the Spring of 2020 that now hosts over 300 searchable recordings of highly relevant industry-specific sessions, answers to burning questions, shared articles, and a network of over 530 industry practitioners and growing.

Individual who participate in the community are realizing these benefits:

  • Access industry leaders who create innovative solutions
  • Learn new knowledge and current skills from peers
  • Avoid mistakes that can cost you time and effort
  • Get better clarity on the direction the industry is going
  • Accelerate your progress toward new goals in the “new reality”
  • Meet new people and network with industry leaders
  • Stay connected to the industry
  • Bring innovation to the team
  • Model behavior for your clients
  • Enjoy predictable activity on a weekly basis

Teams, that are part of the community:

  • Get exposure to creative thinking outside of your organization
  • Validate their ideas and strategic choices
  • Achieve better clarity on the direction the industry is going
  • Explore Collaborative Learning Environment to offer similar experiences for the clients
  • Compress their learning from decades to days
  • Enjoy shared experiences
  • Discover new partnership opportunities
  • Share content with other people in their organization


With an easy-to-follow platform design, join rich discussions and live sessions on contemporary topics facing our industry throughout the year.

The Community brings together the best minds in the industry to share, learn and co-create in an open and fun environment. We do not show you the direction to go, instead we assemble the best people from the industry and are happy you joined us to collaborate and emerge together on the other side of the challenges we all are facing. As part of the virtual conference you will have access to the Online Community to manage your participation, ask questions before and continue discussions after live sessions. When the conference is over, we will host weekly meetings to discuss contemporary issues facing the industry.  The Community members share many articles, discuss trends,  post questions, and access over 300 recordings.

As business education professionals our learning impacts not only us and our colleagues but also translates to experiences we create for our customers.

Budget cuts, uncertainty, travel restrictions, fragmented schedules, changing priorities – are just a few of the main issues your customers are facing. We need to innovate together to adapt to these shifts in customer behavior.

Collaborative Learning, Open Innovation, and Self-Management of Professional Development are on the rise and emerge as major trends affecting how professionals of the future will acquire knowledge and grow their skills. You will join the innovative community to learn together and experiment with emerging approaches to learning and program design.

“Once again I attended CMED with the intent of learning from my peers and I was not disappointed. Always a learning experience from the sessions, but also from the networking with peers: who is doing what with success or failure.”

Maureen Writesman, Vanderbilt University

“It was my first CMED and it was great to meet people speaking similar (Executive Ed.) language and having similar experiences.”

Radhika Nair, University of Victoria