Business Development Institute:

Forging Your Business Development Strategy for the Hyper Competitive World

Six weekly 1.5-hour sessions from September 5 to October 10, 2024

Bringing together business development professionals to share innovative ideas and practices and different levels of perspective, for application within the Custom portion of Business Development within Executive Education or Professional Development outreach departments at universities around the world.


As center and business development directors, we aim to provide products and services that differentiate our centers from our competition – we are always looking for a competitive advantage. What makes our centers stand out may be evident in the faculty and instructors we use, the niche markets we serve, our client list, or the distinctive programs we offer. A unique sales strategy, whether you have a dedicated sales staff or not, helps you play to your competitive advantage and confidently come up with solutions that effectively address both client and market needs. A systemic business development approach maximizes our center’s growth potential while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. But, how do we develop and refine our sales strategies? What if our current business development approach is no longer resulting in increased custom training revenue? What is working (or not) for other centers?

ProEd’s Business Development Institute can help you answer these questions and provide a clear and inspirational path forward. Live session leaders will pose questions, share ideas, and encourage the dialogue among participants. All session leaders  have a background or preference towards a selling process, a specific prospecting skill, a desire to share what they know about the RFP process, significant success in creating proposals that sell, and also the ability to ask questions to their university customers in a way that shaped their success. They also will be confident in crossing over to the open-enrollment portion of the center to create more long-term clients, share in the process, and look for ways to extend the offerings of the center in different ways.


Dan RundhaugDr. Daniel Rundhaug is a long-standing conference presenter for ProEd in the areas of business development, sales leadership, and center leadership. With 10 years of successful center leadership at Davenport University, he has helped to foster a very impactful custom-sales approach. Before coming to Davenport University he held an executive leadership role for 12 years as the COO of a large nonprofit organization.

Joe BorkJoe Bork is the president of ProEd and brings years of experience in center leadership from multiple organizations, most recently the University of St. Thomas. Joe is a constant resource sought out by the industry’s leading schools on center leadership, successful open enrollment strategies and creating custom sale approaches.


#1: The Best Session Idea I Ever Had

September 5 (11:30 am-1:00 pm ET)

Come prepared to share your most successful business development ideas, strategies, tactics and discoveries in this opening session. In this opening session, we’ll get to know each other and, in the true spirit of ProEd/CMED we’ll share our unique successes and challenges in the business development arena. Prework: prepare a three- minute success story about your most impactful business ideas in business development.

#2: Business Development in Outreach Programs of Universities

September 12 (11:30 am-1:00 pm ET)

In this session you will establish a common definition of business development for us to use in our discussions. Additionally, participants will explore the breadth of the business development opportunities and approaches used by our peers at other institutions.

#3: Core Skills of Individuals in Business Development

September 19 (11:30 am-1:00 pm ET)

In this session participants will identify and explore the professional skills needed by professionals engaged in business development.  The presenters will share their experiences in different institutions in order to provide a broad view of what is needed to be successful in generating revenue.

#4: How to Deepen the Relationships with Your Customers

September 26 (11:30 am-1:00 pm ET)

Your discussion will focus on how to broaden and deepen your client relationships.  Understanding how you initiate and build client relationships also requires an understanding of how and when you interact with clients, what is their “life-cycle” or potential, and how strong or vulnerable are those relationships.  You’ll discuss these and other key issues to help you better understand how to maximize your client relationships.

#5: Understanding the “Build or Buy” debate

October 3 (11:30 am-1:00 pm ET)

It is critical to be able to offer new skills, concepts, models and approaches to your clients.  Having a broad array of potential solutions adds to the value you provide.  How do you learn what is available from your own faculty?  When and how do you go outside your organization to get interesting and engaging content? How does a business developer become familiar with the products, services, and general content knowledge of the courses offered at the center?

  1. How do you make the decision to build or buy content (and talent)?
  2. How do you sell “Thought Leadership” to a customer or client?
  3. What are some of the financial considerations/models for using outside content?
  4. What are the political issues you need to navigate when thinking about buying content?
#6: Forever Engagement: Growing with Your Clients

October 10 (11:30 am-1:00 pm ET)

  • Define your business development “ladder” strategy to expand engagement through new channels.
  • Describe and understand the different types of modalities that you now have in front of you as tools to become a business developer?
  • How do assessments, simulations, coaching and interactive platforms fit into the understanding and ladder development that we earlier in class?

*Session topics, their order and other program parameters are subject to change

Who Attends

This program is designed for people responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies for non-degree business, professional, and executive education centers at universities. This usually includes executive education units in business schools, management or professional development units within continuing education schools, or stand-alone entities reporting directly to a dean or other high level administrator. In most cases, attendees have titles that include Assistant Dean, Director, Executive Director, Custom Program Director or Business Development Manager. They all have the common challenge of creating revenue-generating custom engagements and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with organizations. Their centers serve the business community by offering custom training engagements, consortia programs and/or open enrollment programs.

If this sounds like you, please join us for this 6-week institute to examine your current sales and strategy model, explore the internal and external factors influencing your success, and discuss sales strategy development options.

  • Take advantage of this opportunity to focus on the most critical aspects of the success of your unit
  • Get diverse perspectives and ideas from trusted colleagues facing the same challenges
  • Develop a network of peer mentors
  • Return to your team ready to share ideas and implement your own sales strategy and customer engagement model


Camila Angelim, Assistant Director of Business Development, University of Denver Daniels Executive Education

Chuck Black, Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships, Weatherhead Executive Education, Case Western Reserve University

Mike Gifford, Associate Director, Executive Education, University of Utah

Eddie Isted, Account Executive, Executive Education, University of Victoria

Dan McGurrin, Retired Director, Executive Education, North Carolina State University

Dan Rundhaug, Executive Director, The Institute for Professional Excellence at Davenport University

Rony Shir, Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Executive Education at the University of Miami Herbert Business School

Paul Slaggert, Director of Business Development, Executive Education at the Kelley School of Business

Pam Tipton, Director of Executive Programs, Emory University

Nick Tobey, Executive Director, Executive Education, University of Oklahoma

Carol Turchick, Director of the Center for Corporate Engagement, Ohio Northern University


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